Building Value

We build value for our clients on every project by maintaining the highest standards on every detail of the job. By ensuring expert workmanship, safe job sites and a structured budget and timeline, we complete each project on time, on budget, with an eye on the goals of the client.


Golden will always provide and maintain the highest level of quality for our clients. Careful planning, coordination and implementation on every project create quality. We utilize a quality control plan, tailored to each specific project, which addresses such areas as organization, responsibilities, authorities, submittals, inspections, reporting and record drawings. It is our belief that quality is not something that can be “inspected into” a project. Rather, it must permeate the entire construction process, from design through completion.


Our workforce is our livelihood. Golden takes great strides to follow strict guidelines and practices, ensuring a safe, fulfilling working environment for anyone entering and working on the job site.

Meeting a Budget and Schedule

Simply adhering to the budget and timeline is not an option for Golden. Our client’s overall satisfaction with each job ensures our continued success, and we will not tire until we meet all expectations to gain that satisfaction.